Suggestions for having great sex on the first date !!!

A guide to what to do to get good sex on the first date  


The end of seduction is desire, we seduce to be desired. We need to be appreciated for who we are, but we help ourselves with what we are not to achieve that desire. Seducing is a challenge to ourselves, they accentuate our identity. We seek the approval of others and the affirmation of the person we desire. Feeling valued by certain people.

Through seduction we can access the satisfaction of a primary physiological need: the need for sex, for reproduction.

To access these benefits of sex there are different strategies that seek to increase the number of opportunities to achieve it, because in the code of life there is reproduction and for this we need to have sex therefore, we need to captivate the attention and desire of women. potential partners.  


Deciding whether or not to have a meeting on the first date will depend on each person, the place, the situation, the history of their lives, which will be totally different in each case and it is a mistake to generalize. That is why we are going to give you some guidelines for each one to reflect and decide for themselves.Since there is nothing wrong with going to bed on the first date or any of the following, as long as everyone knows what they are doing and what to expect from their own actions. You have to be consistent with what you decide and do. 

Thousands of women and men have lived the experience in many ways and with different results.Sex on the first date definitely changes the destiny of a relationship, but not always in a negative way.

It is true that many women think that men who want sex on the first date do not have serious intentions, but to tell the truth, women do not always have commitment intentions either. Sometimes they just want to have fun.

They also recognize that if it's your first date with someone you've known for a long time, that you like, and that you know they like, and if you feel confident to be intimate, there should be no problem.Also, depending on the type of person we asked if they would have sex on the first date, they could answer the same question in a different way, here are some examples:

Some would answer us with the Cons:

  • If you have sex before your third date you will never get a lasting relationship, since men who want to go to bed on the first night will never want something serious.
  • To avoid uncomfortable situations or abuse of trust, it is convenient to control alcohol consumption.
  • When women agree to go out to dinner, they only expect that: dinner.
  • That sleeping with someone on the first date almost guarantees failure.
  • Having sex on the first date is of "easy and shameless people", whether man or woman, although women are the ones who are most affected by this belief.
  • If you want to have a serious relationship, if you are sure that this is the person you want to be with much longer than one night, then wait a while. Postponing the sexual encounter will make the relationship much firmer and give the relationship more strength.

Instead, others would see the Pros:

• Men don't always disappear after having sex on the first date. If they are attracted, they will show even more interest than before.

• Many men will be more interested in having a serious relationship after having sex.

• You cannot generalize about the results. Everything will depend on the circumstances and with whom you do it.As in everything, obviously, the pros and cons of sex on the first date will depend on the people, the interests of each one, the age, the intention to commit or not.The same pattern does not always apply to all couples.

The most important 

There is a basic rule: take care of yourself and practice safe sex. Use condoms to avoid contracting any disease or having an unwanted pregnancy


Let's get in a situation, we meet someone who introduces you or you just started talking to a stranger at a party ... on a cruise ship. Is it bad to have sex on the first date? It is not a question of knowing if it is a moral problem or not, since if you ask yourself it is that you think about the possibility of it happening. Before deciding:

Be honest about the reasons why you would agree to have sex on the first date.
  • What are your real expectations regarding this intimate encounter? Some people secretly hope that this chance encounter will turn into a stable relationship. Today, nothing is a guarantee of anything, and some relationships start out like this and then solidify.
  • Would this generate guilt later?
  • Do you feel any kind of external pressure (for example, your friends do it, you have been without a partner for a long time and you feel strange, etc.)?

If after reflection you decide to take the step, keep in mind the following:

  • With mutual consent, anything is fine- You have to respect yourself
  • Never do anything we don't want to, if you don't like something, let them know.
  • Open mind, good sex also has to do with attitude
  • Listen to the other, show interest in their desires.
  • Keep a fun attitude.-Enjoy in the present moment. 

If there is something that goes against sexual pleasure, it is the expectation and the demands placed on the other as well as on ourselves, the sexual motor par excellence is the brain, it allows as it prohibits. That is why living in the moment without expecting anything in yourself, enjoying everything we do and receive without expectations.

  • Give yourself permission to feel pleasure, to do whatever you want, in giving and being able to relax and receive.
  • Take responsibility for our pleasure, express our needs and take care to satisfy them.
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